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There is value beyond ourselves in the communities where we operate.

We care enough to look for it.

Through our Vermilion Ways of Caring program, we invest resources (cash, in-kind and employee time) to make a difference in four key areas within the communities where our staff live and work:

  • Homelessness & Poverty;
  • Health & Safety Promotion;
  • Environmental Stewardship; and
  • Celebrating Vermilion's Cultures.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, our community investment budget does not support:

  • Individuals or individual pursuits;
  • Religious organizations (except those with non-faith based purposes);
  • Organizations with partisan or political affiliations;
  • Fraternal or labour organizations;
  • Private foundations or clubs;
  • Professional or technical associations;
  • Endowments, contingency funds or deficit campaigns;
  • Conventions, conferences or seminars; or
  • Organizations located outside of the communities where Vermilion staff live or work.

Submitting an Application

If your request aligns with our Vermilion Ways of Caring program, we encourage you to apply for funding by completing this application form.

The questionnaire will take approximately 10-20 minutes on average to complete. The questionnaire should be completed in one sitting, as it is not possible to save the questionnaire and the session will expire after 3 hours.

Please do not mail or fax your request.

We review requests on a monthly basis. Please keep in mind that requests submitted within less than two months before the event date or deadline are less likely to receive funding.

A copy of your completed questionnaire will be attached on a confirmation email that will be sent to confirm your request has been received.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a community partner of Vermilion Energy!

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